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Featured Demo Videos


Autodemo Sample
Engaging storytelling and fun animations instantly deliver AnswerDash's value proposition while launching an exciting new brand.


Autodemo Sample
An engaging and upbeat demo that touts the benefits for commercial and retail banks that Aptean Pivotal CRM for Financial Services provides.

Egencia TripNavigator

Autodemo Sample
A focused and thorough walk-through of the Egencia TripNavigator Mobile App showcases why it's the must have app for the savvy business traveler.

IMS Health

Autodemo Sample
An engaging and educational overview that effectively simplifies IMS Health's concept of Master Data Management as a Service.


Autodemo Sample
Engaging Animations and a detailed product overview effectively highlight Voyager Performance Management, while positioning Hirease for growth.


Autodemo Sample
A precise presentation and detailed walk-through highlight the intuitiveness of the Pathevo web based tool for discovering STEM programs and careers.

What's Happening

Infographic: Increase Your YouTube Engagment

Want to learn how to increase your YouTube engagement by 374%? Who wouldn’t right? Well, check out this awesome infographic from the team at Quicksprout to find out the best practices to implement for your business when it comes to video marketing to drive your engagement through the roof! Courtesy of: B2B Infographics

Infographic: Tips for Expert Storytelling

Let’s say it again for the 1,000th time… Content is King! While definitely true, your content won’t rule the digital landscape unless you’re a marketer that excels as a storyteller. Whether you are new to content marketing or revisiting your strategy, this infographic full of tips from writing legends and helpful statistics all about digital content is sure … Read More

Why Content Marketing Fails

There is a lot of chatter on the interweb about how content marketing is a sure way to increase your audience and gain new customers. However, the cold hard truth is that a lot of content initiatives fall completely flat. So, whether you are just getting started or you need to right the ship the Why … Read More

Infographic: Become an Agent of ROI

The mission of a modern marketer can often be a difficult one, especially when it comes to quantifying your results across marketing channels but that doesn’t mean it’s MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. If you’re a modern marketer looking to achieve 007 status, then take 2-minutes and view this top-secret spy themed video infographic from the team at … Read More


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