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High Frame Rate Videos


It was almost two decades ago when Autodemo first began producing demo videos for our clients. Although we were cutting-edge back then (as we are now), we were limited by technology when it came to creating the best viewer experience possible. Happily, technology has vastly improved and we now use high resolution, such as 1080p, and … Read More

Video Marketing: Understanding the Analytics Aftermath


With 96 percent of consumers saying videos help them with their online purchasing choices and 58 percent of customers saying brands that create online videos are more trustworthy, video marketing is a crucial part of marketing strategy for most organizations. Creating and distributing videos is only half of the equation. The other half involves tracking and measuring … Read More

Top 5 Live Demo Fails

Live technology demos with all their pomp can generate major buzz and genuine buyer interest. That is, when they go well. When they go wrong, the presenter can’t get to the airport fast enough. While absolutely mortifying for the presenter, live demo fails can be funny and educational. Tip: Whenever anything goes wrong during a … Read More

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